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Information for attending SAYF at the Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting

We welcome all of our SAYF teens, from new rising 7th graders through those graduating high school, to join us at the SAYF dorm during the SAYMA Yearly Meeting! For 2017, the dates are Thursday, June 15 to Sunday, June 18. There will be a special program and events for the SAYF community. Please be sure to read ALL the instructions for registering and attending below.

SPONSORSHIP: This is very important -- if a parent will not be joining you on the campus of the college, you must have an adult who will be on campus for the duration of the gathering to agree to be your sponsor. This person will be responsible for you whenever you leave the SAYF dorm or scheduled mandatory events for any reason. Their signature on the sponsorship form is required, as well as phone contact information and indication of their accommodations location on campus. Your parent or sponsor should accompany you for check-in at the SAYF dorm. Each adult may sponsor up to four teens including their own children. Young Friends who are 18 years of age by the start date of the yearly meeting may self sponsor with the agreed oversight of a full-time FAN.

TRANSPORTATION: Unlike monthly retreats, SAYFers are responsible for making their own transportation arrangements to and from the SAYF at SAYMA gathering. If you are not traveling with your parent(s) or sponsor, there may be a trusted member of your local meeting who will be attending the gathering and who would be willing to help out, with note that your sponsor will still need to be present on campus and when you check in to the SAYF dorm.

-- When filling in your SAYMA registration, do not sign up for breakfast (unless you really want to go to the cafeteria yourself and can get yourself up on time). A basic breakfast will be served in the SAYF kitchen, similar to those served at regular retreats. You _DO_ need to sign up for lunches and dinners!
-- You send only the SAYMA registration form to the registrar at SAYMA. The SAYF permission form, newly completed medical form and sponsorship form (mailed to active SAYFers and then posted on the home page) should be completed and signed by your parent or guardian separately, and MUST BE WITH YOU when you check in at the SAYF dorm at the gathering after you have received your name tag at SAYMA registration check in.
-- SAYMA Registration Forms (electronic and printable), as well as the Advance Program and Volunteer Child Worker application form, can be downloaded from the front page of the web site (or the home page here). Detailed information about the 2017 Yearly Meeting, including Instructions for SAYF at SAYMA registration with deadlines and refund policies, can be found in that advance program.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: If you need financial aid, check with your monthly meeting as soon as possible to request funds there first. Then you can request additional funds on your SAYMA registration form. Please don't let money concerns stop you from attending!

DEADLINES: To avoid a late fee, get your SAYMA registration delivered by May 23, 2017. Due to Warren Wilson policies, late registrations cannot be accepted after June 1st!

If you need help completing any of these forms or have any other questions, please contact the Lead FAN for this year's SAYF at SAYMA:

Wren Hendrickson

The SAYF dorm and check-in will open for SAYFers at 5:00pm on Thursday, June 15th.